Odor Block Protection Wash - Vagisil
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Did you know that lack of hydration is one of the reasons why skin becomes sensitive and irritated? Your intimate skin is delicate to begin with, so getting the right balance of moisture can make a big difference. That’s why we developed Sensitive Plus.

vagisil odor block


The simple truth is that all washes do not take care of intimate odor. They’re not designed to. Vagisil Odor Block Wash has patented Odor Block technology that actually stops odor before it starts and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. And because it’s specially designed for your intimate area, it’s gynecologist-tested with a clean, fresh scent that’s gentle enough to use everyday. So get more from your wash. Get better intimate health.

“I don’t think vaginas are like every other part of the body, do you know what I mean?”

Hear why Brandi, a 28 year-old personal assistant, wouldn’t trust her vagina to anything but Vagisil Odor Block Wash.

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What does The Real know about Vagisil washes that you should?

Find out.

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